I am so grateful for any kind words by our clients. But more than anything, I am grateful to be a positive, loving influence. ~ Antreina

Dear Antreina, Thank you for your coaching and support. In just 4 sessions, I was able to realize I am “connected to the vine” and feel more satisfied with my work and life in general. You gave me the tools to “tend my garden” and realize I just need to trust God. I know how to follow the light that guides my calling to serve others as a doctor. It was hard to anticipate that after 29 years of practicing medicine in over 40 countries I had not learned that. I thought life was about sacrifice and hard work and had forgotten that God also wants us to enjoy life and all the beautiful things in it. I look forward to continue working with you and discover all the wonder and gifts God has prepared for me. I admire your unique gift of making God’s word and message clear to me. I wish more people benefit from this gift. The world really needs to hear God’s message and you say it loud and clear. Thank you! God Bless.

Dr. Elvira Beracochea, Realizing Global Health 

If you are looking to change your life, Antreina E. Stone is the life coach to talk to. And I recommend that she be your first stop on a new journey. Before we can manifest the life of our dreams, we need to take care of the junk that holds us back. We need to heal, declutter and most of all, rebuild our relationship with God. Working with Antreina has helped me to do just that. While I’m fortunate to have achieved success in my life, I spent years struggling with lack of self-worth. This caused me to make poor choices, taking jobs that didn’t suit me and entering relationships that weren’t healthy. I had been to several life and career coaches before meeting Antreina. But she is gifted and by far the most compassionate and understanding. She assigned exercises and guidance to me that were for me, Judy Asman, and me only. It wasn’t templated advice, which can so easily take people down the wrong path because it’s inauthentic and based on false listening. Beyond everything, Antreina has a good heart. She is truly a woman of strong faith who cares about her clients. She will do anything to help all of us. She is the coach you will thank in your acceptance speech when you become amazingly successful!

Judy Asman, Judy Asman Communication

Thank God!!!
I just finished the most enlightening and inspirational weeks of my life!
Through the Divinely lead life coaching sessions with Antreina Stone, I can honestly say that I feel more empowered and equipped to start and create the life I have always envisioned for myself.

Not only were our sessions filled with God and love. They were also packed with information and suggestions on how to walk toward my destiny and away from fear.
My mind, heart and spirit has been opened to a world of possibilities.

Thank you Antreina for your wisdom, focus and love!!!

Kim Padgett, Kim’s Gems 

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