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You may want to start asking yourself, “Why?” By asking this simple question, it will open up other avenues for you. There are a few simple factors to keep in mind.

  • You must believe in yourself.
  • You must be true to who you really are.
  • Always keep an optimistic mindset.
  • Remember yes you can!

I haven’t worked in a long time.  Everyone says I’m not qualified. Am I?

In my Book …Are You a Starving Artist? In chapter five “Don’t believe the Hype”.  I talk about standards of the world.  You must transform your mind.  You are justified by what you’ve been chosen and called to do.  Let’s work together and find out.  I would suggest…No Stone left Unturned coaching program.  Or start with the Are you a Starving Artist? Program…

How can Get More In Life Coaching help me?

By getting to the root of who you really are will help determine what kind of picture you’ve been painting, which will determine the value. Meaning we may have to transplant you into fertilized soil to help you grow and craft the life style of your dreams.  All things are possible for those who believe. We believe in you. Do you? It’s as simple as letting us know what you want. I understand where you are now because I was once there myself.  We can start by asking three important questions which will allow G.M.I.L.C. to give you the right support you’ve been searching for.

1. What you want to do?

2. Why haven’t you?

3. What’s preventing you?

 I waited too late.  I’m old.  What can I do?

It’s never too late.  Instead say…”it’s my time”.  The path behind has prepared you for this journey to becoming what you want to become. Sometimes it takes longer because of all the twists and storms we endure. The sign of readiness is to recognize you’re ready… Now time. It’s your time.

Does anyone really care? 

We care.  More importantly, you must care. Caring will ignite the passion to love, joy and opens the door for a wealth of opportunities.

Who will understand me?

You must ask the question.  Who do you want to understand you?  G.M.I.L.C. has learned to master the skill of listening.  We ask the right questions and our goal is to provide a solution to why you’re not moving forward.  You must agree to do the work.

I hate my job. What can I do? 

I don’t advise quitting cold turkey.  I recommend transitioning your mindset and energy towards what you enjoy doing and with G.M.I.L.C. assistance you can craft the lifestyle of your dreams.

 Who do I ask?

Antreina E. Stone will be more than happy to answer your question(s) regarding transforming your life to the lifestyle of your dreams. We also offer private coaching.  Please see our coaching programs.

Where do I go?

You can review our programs offered on our coaching page.  You can sign up or contact us by Email info@getmoreinlifecoaching or leave your information on our contact us page. Register for our free tool of Simple Principles for success to get you started.

If you still have questions after going over our FAQs or if you do not feel comfortable asking a question here, feel free to email me at

I’m believing in you and praying for you to Get More in Life. ~ Antreina E. Stone


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