Are You a Starving Artist?

The experience I had writing “Are You a Starving Artist? Who’s an artist? Everyone!” was unbelievable. I was taken by surprise into a state of facing my fear. Yep! You heard it. The fear of being perfect. I was not being realistic and often times this would create stumbling blocks on my path. When you perform authentically, it enables you to give the best performance of your life, by being true to who you really are. Not who people believe you are. Knowing who you bring  clarity to why you do what you do.

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Everyone is an artist! Art is the form of expressing what you do, which leaves an impression of who you are. What kind of impression are you leaving by expressing what you do?

You don’t have to paint on canvas to be an artist! However, you must use your God-given canvas, your life and your power within to create the lifestyle of your dreams to having everything on this whole earth—not only 10 percent and not only the west side but the whole earth. It’s yours! Read Genesis 1: 26–28 (NIV) for further information.

After you’ve read my book, please leave a message below or email .  I would love to hear about your experience as you read my book.  Each and every-time I’ve read “Are You A Starving Artist?”  I’ve held it close to my heart and smiled.  Giving all praises to the one and only whose made this journey possible for you and me… Trust Him!  Love you! Don’t forget your promise on page 43.  Exercise: What’s missing?

I’m The Friend You Never Knew You Had.

Antreina E. Stone

Trust Him!

9 thoughts on “Are You a Starving Artist?”

  1. WOW, MY SISTA!!

    The GIFT that GOD has GRACED upon YOU is truly AMAZING!!!
    Your GIFT looks good on YOU!!!

    I am so glad I am a witness to this GOD lead journey. I can remember you saying you were being lead in a direction you never been lead before. In the midst of it all, God will direct your path. Thank GOD you fulfilled those footsteps!

    I am so proud of you! The platform you set, the path of life struggles and concluding with how and why it all began (REMARKABLE)! The confirmations throughout with the Biblical scriptures were PHENOMENAL!

    My favorite chapter is The Kiss of Death….OUTSTANDING!!!
    This is so inspiring. If you ever wondered how, why, where, what your real purpose is and how we continue to LIVE, start here! I will continue to stand on FAITH and TRUST GOD!

    Please continue to share with the world your CREATIVITY, your PASSION, your LOVE and JOY in delivering the MASTER’S plan as the ARTIST you have become!

    Baby Sis,

  2. I have always believed that Angels walk the earth. Your friendship in my life has only served to confirm that belief. I am so happy for you!!!
    I loved every word of your book, it was uplifting and inspiring.
    I know that for me your book is a powerful reminder of God’s love, and our ability to do and have all that we desire. It is more than just a book ……it is a reference guide for a more abundant life. Thank you for sharing God’s voice through your written words.

    May your light continues to shine bright!!!

    Love You!
    Kim Padgett

    • Kim… You’re a burst of sunshine that brighten everyone’s day. Thanks for reading my first book and taking the time to post your comment…… Love you! Trust Him!

      Antreina E. Stone
      The Friend You a Never Knew You Had

  3. Wonderful book to read! You will finish this book in one sitting. It’s as if you’re having a real conversation with the author, my mother! You can feel her energy in the words as they flow from her. The “Artist” within you will surely be awakened.

    A feeling of purpose will overshadow your spirit as you are directed to live a more rewarding, fulfilling life. This direction is given to you in a real, no fluff attached kind of way! My mother is true to herself and identity. Her sense of humor and sharp wit will keep you reading and wanting more.

    I enjoyed the book from beginning to end, the spiritual passages add the ultimate motivation. It reminds us of the innate power we have inside to craft the life we want and deserve! Start your journey today and begin reading, “Are You A Starving Artist?” And watch yourself go from starving to nourished!

    With Love & Blessings to mom,

    Tycie Person

  4. Antreina,
    I just finished reading “Are you a Starving Artist” ,what I truly enjoyed that it was worded plain,simple(easy read for most people).I like your narrative form including the reader as those we are in conversation. The bibical confirmations,excerises,humor,including yourself,and family members in your book. The book caused me to think “AHA”. My favorites chapters are (5) Dont’ believe the Hype”,(7) Second Floor Please(13) Storms(14) Kiss of Death.Is this your first book??? (LOL) I know you got it going on! Keep it moving!(YOLO) Peace and Love, “Ms Que”

  5. Bella Treina!! I absolutely enjoyed reading this book. Oh My! This is a book to treasure. It will spiritualy move and shape your life. As I was reading this book. I began to feel in my heart the grace of your style. This book speaks from the heart. Straight down to earth and real, but also inspiring to read. As I was reading it took me on a spiritual journey. Thank you for sharing your wisdom in this phenomenal book.This book is a gem of truth on every page..I think every reader will enjoy this spiritual awakening in this book. May GOD continue to Bless you and your family ever… Love LaRese

    • Dear LaRese,
      Your comment moved me to tears. I’m grateful you enjoyed reading my book and more importantly, you recognized my heart speaking to yours as the Holy Spirit was speaking to me when it was written. I’m on a journey brand spanking new and I receive it with open arms. I can’t rush or be in a hurry to get there, but I can be prepared when I do… Continue to put God first, and Trust Him… You’ll never go wrong. Love you more!

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