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Antreina E. Stone

A “Love Advocate” relationship coach,  entrepreneur, and author.

Antreina was a divorced mother with two young children when she married her boss and quit her job over 30 years ago.  She had no intention of dating the boss. God worked mysteriously with her; wisdom and intuition guided her to look inward to what’s ahead not behind.  She recognized areas of her life that left a void that her husband was able to fulfill. 

Shortly afterward, her husband wrote her resignation. She began her entrepreneurial journey by opening up Antreina’s in 1989, styling women, designing, and manufacturing clip-on earrings.Today, her high fashion earring designs are sold on line at www.AntreinasEarrings.com and various boutiques.

Antreina after bonding with so many women customers,  they  were inspired to take a second look at their intentions when it came to life setbacks and failed relationships in a new way.  This in return, inspired her to open Get More in Life Coaching, LLC.   She then published her first book in 2013 titled: Are You A Starving Artist?  Who’s an Artist?  Everyone!  Continuing to inspire hope.

Her second book published on January 5, 2017, titled:  Pole-Date Or Soul-Mate: Esther’s Story volume one following volume 2 Man In Blue, and  Volume 3 is in the works.  A woman’s journey after an unexpected divorce.

Today, Antreina specializes in helping women also given the option to men seeking a deeper relationship after a failed marriage and dating to connect to their Earthly Soul Mate through her  “A. W. A. K. E .N. Your Soul To Love.” Signature 1:1 or group coaching program.  Visit: https://Getmoreinlifecoaching.com

Questions I’ve Been Asked:

1. Why do you think there are so many failed relationships? The conditions changed. People fail to recognize their promise. Marriage or not. Your word is your bond. Not the ceremony! Not the lovemaking or steamy showers, the promise you made and more importantly, The Promiser.

2. I’ve heard many women say, “There are no good men”? How do you feel? It’s how you define the word good. Good lovemaking, Good at taking care of you,  good looking, or a Good God-fearing man or woman? First, the person should ask the question, what is good? And remember, to replace the word good with adequate. An adequate mate is what we all were promised. So therefore, you must work together for the good of the relationship.

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