Task = YOU. List = Within You

Tackle the unpleasant duties first

When we think of a task list we think about what needs to get done.  Or the things that need to get started.  If you look at the TASK being you and the list within as you, what things will you then put on your list?

Your Definition

The word task is defined as work to get done, or unpleasant duty.  Now, I’m still looking at you being the task, does this describe you?  Do you find getting through your list of things difficult doing or unpleasant within you to do?  The definition identifies; there are some unpleasant things we need to undress within.  So, I get it!

Task = You

Remember you are the TASK and the list is within you.  The challenge may be difficult.. however, we must get it done!  Do you recall anything within you unpleasant?  Once you tackle the list within, you can move on with the list within your heart.  Like your dreams.  Things you procrastinate about and want to do. Like a business you’ve always wanted to own and operate or helping your family to even watching money grow on trees.  We’ve all imagined this before.

Get it done

However, we can’t walk through our closet with clutter on the floor.  We can continue to step over it or walk through it, and return back to the same clutter on the floor. So until our list within is cleared we’ll never do the things within our heart’s to do list, because of the mind list of clutter.

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Antreina E. Stone is an entrepreneur, author, lifestyle change facilitator and the founder of Get More in Life Coaching, LLC. Antreina started her journey as an entrepreneur when she opened Antreina’s Earrings in 1989. Since then, she’s managed more than 100 jewelry consultants and sold well over 60,000 pairs of earrings, manufactured by hand and still selling today in boutiques and online at www.antreinaearrings.com. Today, Antreina specializes in helping people live to their full potential. Visit our Coaching Programs page to find out how Antreina can help you to craft the lifestyle of your dreams.

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