168 hours doing what?

Is it 24 hours seven days a week or 168 times we’ve said, “I’ll start tomorrow” or 168 times 24 hours a day of the week we have multiple discussions with ourselves, attempting to put aside the fear and pressure of what can we do? Not realizing we’ve spent 168 hours doing nothing!

Emptiness in time

Wow, all this time spent in a week’s time is valued by the hours, beginning with the second and determined by the days with the number of hours in it. When we value our time, we get more value out of time by valuing the things that are within us to do, and not take the mind trip of what not to do. If we’ve taken 24 hours of the seven days and done nothing … It’s purely time we’ll never see again and yet time we’ve lived, making a name for itself as “emptiness in time”.

A penny an hour

Even if you were paid a penny an hour you would have earned $1.68 for 24 hours x seven days… I used the value of a penny, this is what wasted time is equal to, there’s no value when it’s not spent wisely. The penny an hour has more value than the time we’ve wasted… Time is now!

Set aside your fear and do something rather than say something!

Proverbs 10:4 (NIV)
Lazy hands makes a man poor, but diligent hands brings wealth.

Valuables vs. Values


How would you identify the most valuable values you have?  If we look at our values, it can determine what’s really valuable to us.   Go in deep and take a look at the valuables that add value, that’s unseen and yet foreseen, or let’s look at what we take for granted that has value and unforeseen.

  • Foreseen ~ In front.  You know.  Anticipate
  • Unforeseen ~ Unexpected…like an accident
  • Unseen ~ Hope trust oxygen believe
  • Values ~ Builds character. Integrity. Appreciation. Treasure.
  • Valuables ~ Costly. High Priced. Rare. Useful.

Valuable makes reference to monetary, costly, self esteem, rare and precious.  How much are you willing to pay for something?

The dollar amount you decide to pay will add monetary value.  Like Art, is only worth what someone is willing to pay.   Take a look at a Rembrandt painting or Picasso and other well known and unknown Artists.  These Artist place value in their natural ability to create, also their gift, talent, time, craft and belief which adds value to their production of productivity, their paintings being auctioned off for millions to the highest bidder.   The value of their abilities is priceless.  The mindset to use their natural buried treasures, a wealth of gifts and talents produces valuables. They pay by their time believing, learning, growing and all the while the canvas of their minds holds the picture of the end results that will be worth millions!  Don’t take for granted what lies within!

Now, let’s put ourselves up for Auction.  How much do you think someone will pay for you?  This is the only time true values will become more valuable than a piece of art, a car, house, jewelry, designer clothing, bribes, one night stands and get rich quick schemes!  The value will be placed on the hidden treasure buried within that creates your worth, natural talents, gifts, esteem, belief, power and the quality of the price you’re willing to pay.  There is no monetary value.  The only value being attached is through the energy of a higher power within you.  Jesus has already paid the price.  He died so that you may live and Get More in Life! A more abundant life, filled with love, joy, passion and a peace of mind.  Simply put trust and believe in Him.

Every heart beat is rated on a fixed amount.  Rates increase or they decrease. No different than an interest rate on a credit card or mortgage, fluctuating up and down.  Can you recall the last time your heart rate was up?  Why?  Does the reason still exist today?

There is nothing more valuable than you!  The price has already been paid for you.  This price gave you access to everything your heart desires.  You must desire to live a life filled with the spring of living water.  When you take one step toward believing in the power you have to charge a life, you desire to live to get more.  A life you do not have to bargain for.  You will have to pay, not a monetary price but a price that will add wisdom, knowledge and give you peace filled with love and joy while using the passion crafting the lifestyle of your dreams.

So, I would like to leave you with this.   Take a sheet of paper and make a T chart.  At the top write valuable and value. Then list everything that’s valuable, and on the other side write down your values.  See if there’s a negative or positive balance.  You are the only one who can make this decision.

Remember to remain in the Vine.  The vine produces many branches.  Although some may intertwine with each other, they continue to grow.That’s why it’s so important to intertwine with like minded people coming together for a common cause to Get More in Life Coaching, LLC …. Feel free to email me @ Info@getmoreinlifecoaching.com