Relationships: Love Others By loving Yourself First


Relationships are fragile; they require work, and many times a simple situation can disrupt the balance that keeps them functional. When things get heated up, standing by the water is oftentimes the best way to avoid catastrophes. As the old saying goes, “if you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen”.

I believe many people are in relationships that are burning out of control. Do you sometimes feel as though both ends are charred along with a feeling of giving up? Do you ask yourself what’s the use of going through all this time and time again? This is a question many asked yesterday, today, and will probably be asking tomorrow as well.

What’s the Answer?
Review your circumstances – what’s the cause and why?  How are you supposed to know what unconditional love is if you don’t love yourself first? If you don’t love yourself, you won’t be able to build a strong relationship. And when the relationship isn’t strong, it will likely be ruined, leaving broken hearts behind.
It’s not about the g-string or the ding-a-ling. A ring is fine, however, it doesn’t seal the bond, nor does it make a person committed. Oftentimes the person receiving it is more in love with the ring than the person who has given it to them.

What Can or Should You Do?
1. Be committed to who you are first. You’ll certainly be surprised by how amazing you’ll become to yourself as well as others.
2. Look in the mirror and try to look behind what’s being reflected. I can’t tell you what you’ll see, but I guarantee you’ll hear a low voice speaking slowly to you. Don’t worry if you think you can’t hear it – pay close attention by listening to your soul, and you’ll be able to build courage from there. Your inner self is not a reflection of what you see, but how you feel. Release those feelings of resentment, sexual immorality, hate, low self-esteem, and unworthiness. If the master of all creations felt you were a mistake, misfit, unworthy of His love first, why do you think you’ve been chosen from all the seeds in the unknown?
In darkness, you stood out among the rest while being nurtured until the right time to be brought into the light of the world through a birth canal you came. Only you can figure out what happened from the beginning up until this point. Make the change, and change how love braces you no matter your size, skin color, or disabilities you may have. Remember there’s someone for everyone, including you.

In my next article I’ll be covering:

Why are women willing to accept a broken-down man, but men will not accept a broken-down woman?

Until the next time, “Stay Connected to the Vine and “Get More in Life Coaching”

Questions to think about

What makes a  person committed to a relationship? Is it about the ring? What’s your take on being committed without the commitment?

Please post your view below in the comment section!  Thank you!