Walking Tall and Fearfully Small

more courage-less fear
Fear into Action
I Fear You!

Time Map

You’re walking tall while fearing to decide what you want to do, based upon what others are doing, forgetting about the man in the mirror. You’re climbing up in age, a number that you’re not; however, looking as though you’re ten years older. You’re recognizing life has taken its toll on you. You’re not looking the way you use to look, looking older than what you are. The time map showing on your face, lines of discouragement, resentfulness, evilness, hardness and feeling of unworthiness. How do you remove the signs of aging? By eliminating doubt and becoming more courageous, building faith and understanding fear.

Looking @ Fear

Fear is good if you have the mind set to welcome a challenge. Fear comes along to help you. Ask yourself what are you afraid of? What will happen to you if you didn’t move forward?

Fear is a fragment of your imagination; it only appears as a biopsy taking away what’s possible.

Fear is the active boss in your life.  Once you boss up, acting like a boss, a true leader, the bossing fear will disappear. Fear only comes to add more to your plate for you to think about, especially if you’ve never ask yourself why? There’s more fear when not asking yourself why, and less when you’ve asked.

Fear gives you other options to consider. If fear can’t come along for the ride, how are you going to become courageous while building faith in what you’re doing until manifestation begins? Fear is always incubating in a cold dry place until something hotter comes along awakening it, taking away your luke warm ideal turning them into ICE.

Fear is only an optical illusion created by the biotic lifestyle of the mind. Often generated as failure, it’s there to move along with you as your guide, preparing you for your next steps, piece by piece until clarity sets in bringing all the pieces to life.

Challenge You

After all if you have an ideal or wanting to do something and no one ever challenges you, you may never make your first move. We all need a challenge. We’re all champions pushing towards our goal. If you’ve not created a goal, do so. I Fear You!


more courage-less fear
Season your life for change
Identify your season for change.

How would you describe power with one word? I would say “Courage”, without it you’re powerless. You have no power without having the courage to use it. Courage is the opposite of fear, and they both go in hand. Fear is asking you.. Do you or questioning you “Are you sure?

Without fear we couldn’t exercise our power to use courage to take us beyond what others may have said like: “You can’t and you did”.

Allow fear and courage to work together changing your lifestyle to what you want it to become. We’re not being held back by people. We’ve only held ourselves in captivity from fear standing on its own without the power of courage.

I would like to encourage you to utilize the courage to use the Power Of Right Now! Knowing you can, you will and you shall “Craft The Lifestyle of Your Dreams! You are a P.O.R.N Star!


168 hours doing what?

Is it 24 hours seven days a week or 168 times we’ve said, “I’ll start tomorrow” or 168 times 24 hours a day of the week we have multiple discussions with ourselves, attempting to put aside the fear and pressure of what can we do? Not realizing we’ve spent 168 hours doing nothing!

Emptiness in time

Wow, all this time spent in a week’s time is valued by the hours, beginning with the second and determined by the days with the number of hours in it. When we value our time, we get more value out of time by valuing the things that are within us to do, and not take the mind trip of what not to do. If we’ve taken 24 hours of the seven days and done nothing … It’s purely time we’ll never see again and yet time we’ve lived, making a name for itself as “emptiness in time”.

A penny an hour

Even if you were paid a penny an hour you would have earned $1.68 for 24 hours x seven days… I used the value of a penny, this is what wasted time is equal to, there’s no value when it’s not spent wisely. The penny an hour has more value than the time we’ve wasted… Time is now!

Set aside your fear and do something rather than say something!

Proverbs 10:4 (NIV)
Lazy hands makes a man poor, but diligent hands brings wealth.

Where did the beat go?


The beat goes on and on and on. The drum beats on with the horns blowing together, making rhythm. Then the sound of the trumpet begins to mix in the melody that ruffles the soul. As the body tunes in, it begins swaying back and forth; taking in the beats along with the sweet sound of melodies, you can taste in your mouth craving for more.

Guess what can happen if we shout during the time the beats along with the Trumpets sound? Look what happened to the walls of Jericho, they all came down merely from marching around the enemy (wall) with the sounding of trumpets.

Just Shout

Let’s pretend the trumpets are blowing. When I say shout, you shout! Fear doesn’t leave here anymore and watch the walls of resistance that anchors the wall of fear come down. Now keep marching on the front-line of the battlefield doing what you love. By the way, keep your hands raised toward heaven while marching on the front-line of the battlefield and watch as you continue to win. Now Shout!

Joshua 6:20 (NIV)
When the trumpets sounded the people shouted, and at the sound of the trumpet, when the people gave a loud shout, the wall collapsed; so every man charged straight in, and they took the city.





Tear Down, Rebuild One Brick at a time.

more courage-less fear
What's in your closet
Remove the debris
Rebuild one brick at a time.

Tear it down and rebuild it brick by brick.  You must remove those head banging and high blood pressure raising obstacles.  Identify to clarify, remove them out of your way.  The reason why they can’t be identified is only because you have failed to face them, and you have piled other things on top of them steadily building instead of tearing down to get to the underlying issue.


  • We all know what’s in our closet or do we?
  • What’s on the floor of your closet?
  • What are you walking around instead of picking up?
  • What have you placed on the top of what’s already on the floor of your closet?
  • Why haven’t you placed the items where they belong?


If we continue to throw things on top, we’re building a wall, creating a shadow of darkness with a foundation of fear to challenge us to do or dare.  We must continue to do and dare ourselves to get to the bottom by starting at the top, and remove the things that are keeping us from living the lifestyle of our dreams.  Be it an ex-husband, wife, adult children, current job, remove it to face and place (you) things where they belong.

Start at the top, removing the things you’ve piled up onto each other, hiding what’s underneath.  When you tear down, you start at the top and work your way to the bottom.  Sometimes we may even look for things we’ve misplaced. You may be surprised when you get to the bottom, what you’ve been looking for has been there all the time.  Start on your end and Let God handle His end.

One thing you’ll know for sure, it won’t be the end until He says so.  So in the meantime, we must look within to tear down anything not belonging in the kingdom of God; rebuilding on His foundation that will last throughout eternity while we mature in the word of God.

Rebuild brick by brick while the sun stands still.  Don’t let the moonlight creep in as I’ve previously said in my recent book titled, Are You a Starving Artist? the freaks come out at night, as well as werewolves”.  Let the Sun shine on you, from you onto others as you rebuild brick by brick.

Jeremiah 1:10 (NIV)

See, today I appoint you over nations and kingdoms to uproot and tear down, to destroy and overthrow, to build and to plant.”