Walking Tall and Fearfully Small

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Fear into Action
I Fear You!

Time Map

You’re walking tall while fearing to decide what you want to do, based upon what others are doing, forgetting about the man in the mirror. You’re climbing up in age, a number that you’re not; however, looking as though you’re ten years older. You’re recognizing life has taken its toll on you. You’re not looking the way you use to look, looking older than what you are. The time map showing on your face, lines of discouragement, resentfulness, evilness, hardness and feeling of unworthiness. How do you remove the signs of aging? By eliminating doubt and becoming more courageous, building faith and understanding fear.

Looking @ Fear

Fear is good if you have the mind set to welcome a challenge. Fear comes along to help you. Ask yourself what are you afraid of? What will happen to you if you didn’t move forward?

Fear is a fragment of your imagination; it only appears as a biopsy taking away what’s possible.

Fear is the active boss in your life.  Once you boss up, acting like a boss, a true leader, the bossing fear will disappear. Fear only comes to add more to your plate for you to think about, especially if you’ve never ask yourself why? There’s more fear when not asking yourself why, and less when you’ve asked.

Fear gives you other options to consider. If fear can’t come along for the ride, how are you going to become courageous while building faith in what you’re doing until manifestation begins? Fear is always incubating in a cold dry place until something hotter comes along awakening it, taking away your luke warm ideal turning them into ICE.

Fear is only an optical illusion created by the biotic lifestyle of the mind. Often generated as failure, it’s there to move along with you as your guide, preparing you for your next steps, piece by piece until clarity sets in bringing all the pieces to life.

Challenge You

After all if you have an ideal or wanting to do something and no one ever challenges you, you may never make your first move. We all need a challenge. We’re all champions pushing towards our goal. If you’ve not created a goal, do so. I Fear You!